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Manusrii 3rd Birthday Bash

October 17, 2010

Her mom booked  me months in advance, considering the party was held during a special date, 10/10/10. The party was done at Mahajaraj Restaurant PJ. I must admit, it is quite a challenge to take the pictures of the event at this venue due to it’s dim lighting arrangement.

The party started at 7-ish and Manu’s favourite character e kids love was there too. Mr Barney. Well, the kids apparently love the big purple dinosour.

Overall, the party was a smashing success.

Happy bDay Manusrii & Dad


Manusrii’s Photo Shoot

July 2, 2009

I did her photo shoot last week at Lake Garden with her parents..
I salute her parents because they are so organize. All the clothes are ready for Manu to wear with matching accessories and shoes: complete with props!

It was a pleasure shooting your adOrable girl..