My Package

Please email me for event quotation at pictures4keep@gmail.com.

Potrait Photo Shoot Package – RM 300
(Maximum 6 people per group.For every extra people will be charge RM 30)
Description : Group or individual photo shoot session [e.g. babies, kids, families, friends].
Duration :Β 1.5 hour
Location : Indoors or Outdoors
Customers will receive :
1. All edited pictures in a CD
2. 1 8R printed photos with designs of your choice

Event Photo Shoot Package
Description : Event Shoot (Birthdays, Aqiqah, Reunion, Family Gathering)
Duration : Minimum 2 hours. Maximum 4 hours
Customers will receive :
1. All edited pictures in a CD
2. 1 8R printed photos with designs of your choice


  1. Ade wat album cam orang kawin tu x?

    • buat masa ni dalam package yg di offer blom ada lagi. Maybe in future. Tapi kalau ada special request boleh buat with extra charge πŸ™‚

  2. photobook album is available with small additional charge πŸ™‚

  3. macammana rupa photo book tu?

  4. salwa please check your email πŸ™‚

  5. Boleh tak tolong email contoh photobook tu. kalau saya dah ada gambar, nak guna khidmat untuk buat photobook berapa charge nye. let me know thru my mail ye…

  6. Hi, can u mail me the sample of the photobook for both size. thanks.

  7. hye..nak tanya la,kalau kat JB u leh ambil pic gak ke..brp kos??untuk sessi family shoot

  8. hi..i amat bminat nk take my baby girl photo….nk tau mcm mana rupa photobook tu …hehee..

  9. Hi, for Aqiqah brape u charge?duration 2 hours.

  10. saya juga berminat untuk melihat rupa bentuk photobook tu… leh emailkan x?

  11. salam…

    i nak tanya…klau utk event package u charge berapa..klau satu hari 2 event contoh pagi cukur jambul…petang birthday party…u charge macam mane…

  12. hai … nk tny pasl promo ni ler.. still ada lg ker?

    kalau tuk bday bley kan …

    email me : denso_cute@yahoo.com

  13. utk raya tak ader any promotion? Kalu ader e-mail me Thks

  14. hi! remember me??? u took pictures of my kid aqiqah πŸ™‚ @ wangsa maju…. email me ur rate dear..i ingta nak buat birthday party nie πŸ™‚

  15. saya nk tnya la ada studio ke if nk photoshoot gmabr family???kdai kt mane??lh bagi address x???

    • hye amieza.

      thank you for your query

      kitorang takde studio. kita buat at your chosen location. your house/park/taman for a more personal touch πŸ™‚ but limited within klang valley.

      email me at pictures4keep@gmail.com for more details

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