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Aditya’s 1st Birthday @ Marmalade Bangsar Village

February 27, 2011


Go Green, Go Evenesis (to ease up your event management woes)

November 3, 2010

Seems like everyone is going green nowadays. Minimizing the usage of plastic bag, reduce water consumption, recycle whenever’s possible, etc…

Evenesis is a complete event management system where it could eliminate the usage of paper (invitation cards) and save trees!!! Whenever there’s an event, whole bunch of trees somewhere is being sacrificed as sketch paper and also invitation cards. By using evenesis, everything is ready online for your usage.

Floorplan design and seating arrangement is done online ans seamlessly. Invitations can be sent either by email, sms or both. Evenesis even have cool templates for your invitation to be sent to your cool and hip guests.

The best part is, for guest to confirm their attendance is just a click away by email or just reply the sms invitation and Evenesis will update automatically the status of the guest attendance in the system. Neat ey?

There’s more fun and interesting function at Evenesis for you to try out. Good news is,Evenesis Beta version is free for public use! So what are you waiting for?Start saving trees and increase your ‘coolness’ factor by using Evenesis for your event 🙂

Click to register or for more explanation on this ‘support green’ system, go to


Manusrii 3rd Birthday Bash

October 17, 2010

Her mom booked  me months in advance, considering the party was held during a special date, 10/10/10. The party was done at Mahajaraj Restaurant PJ. I must admit, it is quite a challenge to take the pictures of the event at this venue due to it’s dim lighting arrangement.

The party started at 7-ish and Manu’s favourite character e kids love was there too. Mr Barney. Well, the kids apparently love the big purple dinosour.

Overall, the party was a smashing success.

Happy bDay Manusrii & Dad


Allysya’s Birthday Artwork

July 20, 2010


Tears of the Birthday Girl : Allysya

July 14, 2010


Allysya’s turns ONE :)

July 14, 2010

The birthday party was held at Bandar Sri Damansara’s McDonald (tempat idamanku…yummm). They’ve allocated the whole second floor for the party. So the guess was free to move and mingle around.. Allysya was feeling under the weather. Nevertherless, she behave like a princess (and dress like one too) 🙂 . The only time she cried was when she’s wearing the princess crown..hehe..cOmei..
Thank you Lia & family for being such a wonderful client. It was a pleasure shooting you guys


Sashtina Photoshoot

January 4, 2010

The photo shoot took place at Geeta’s home in Sungai Buloh. After ‘sesat’ for almost half and hour, I finally manage to find her house. (next time have to buy GPS la wey)..hahah.

Took picture of her sweet sweet daughter. Eventho she just woke up, she is not cranky (thank gOd) sO the shoot went quite smoothly. I think at the end of the day, the family is more tired than the baby.. 🙂 It was a pleasure to shoot you guys 🙂


Irqin’s Bday Party

July 28, 2009

Last month Ms Ayu called me to booked a session of portraiture for her family. Last minute change she decided to use the shoot to take her sOn’s bDay party instead. Her baby was a cutie pie..geram tgk..sO cute!! rambut macam mOhawk lagi tu… It was a pleasure shooting you guys..





we dO birthdays tOo

April 14, 2009

yes. I do birthday parties tOo. click here fOr sample pikitures




Intan’s Aqiqah & Adam’s Birthday

March 27, 2009

I got a job taking darling Intan’s Aqiqah and cute Adam’s 2nd birthday event. The kids was super duper cute (and damn photogenic too). I guess they got the trait from their parents.

It was interesting to shoot because I must confess it was my first aqiqah event (ever). The birthday was very happening. With a grand birthday cake and lots of door gift for their guest. Hey I even got a spOngebob for zOey

Azura (the mummy) was very friendly and welcoming. Thank you azura and jo. I hope to take more of your beautiful family in the future.

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